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Texas Monthly BBQ Editor Declares Maple Block Meat Co. Brisket as California's Best

So sayeth Texas Monthly critic Daniel Vaughn.

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Maple Block Meat Co., Culver City
Maple Block Meat Co., Culver City
Wonho Frank Lee
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By now, everyone knows that a magazine called Texas Monthly hired a full-time barbecue editor to canvas the state a while back, thumbs-up and thumbs-down'ing the meat options far and while. Well, that man — one Daniel Vaughn — also did some California traveling earlier this year, just declared Maple Block Meat Company the state's best brisket.

Of course, the man speaks from Texas country experience, so getting a positive nod from Vaughn is among the highest smoked meat affirmations out there. And he's deadly serious, penning an op-ed of sorts for sister publication Los Angeles Magazine declaring Maple Block to be the city's (and the state's) best, in no uncertain terms.

Among the highlights are Vaughn's love of the show, wherein guests are invited to watch the man in charge of the meat cut directly from the whole brisket — unlike other places that just serve it up in the back and send the food out with a waiter.

He also opines about the Texas-made smokers in the kitchen, the secret to succulent turkey, and the fact that Maple Block is now open for dinner as well as lunch. That last tidbit is good news for Culver City, as the restaurant can expand on its offerings with fuller portions and things like steak and fish, which aren't regularly available.

If Maple Block really does carry California's best brisket — and who are we to argue — it's only a matter of time before crushing lines (and the kids who are willing to wait in them) come a'calling. Thankfully for mere mortals who can't get there for lunch, dinner service just launched, with hours from 5:30 to 10 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, plus a 11 p.m. closure on Fridays and Saturdays. Here's that menu below:

Maple Block Dinner Menu

Maple Block Meat Co.

3973 Sepulveda Boulevard, , CA 90230 (310) 313-6328 Visit Website