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Ramen Champ Returns to Chinatown Next Month Minus Alvin Cailan

The founder is still on as consultant.

The still-closed Ramen Champ
The still-closed Ramen Champ

If you'll recall, Ramen Champ was knocked out of commission earlier this summer by some of its original partners — though at the time it was dubbed only a summer break. Well, August turned to September and now here we are, with Ramen Champ still closed. That is, until October 2, when a new team comes on board to take the place over.

Founding co-owner/partner Alvin Cailan promised back in August that the Champ would be back soon enough, but he's been rather busy working on other projects and doing food festivals in the meantime. So now in steps the team behind Ramen Yokocho, the frenzied noodle festival known for its long lines and ardent attendees. Per an email sent around (and from Cailan himself), they'll be running things at the reopened Ramen Champ come October 2.

That means Cailan will remain as a consultant, though the entire front and back of the house team will be new. They're in the process of hiring hosts now, and one look inside the upstairs plot at the Far East Plaza confirms that not a single set of chopsticks is out of order so far. More than likely the decor will stay in place, Alvin will help with the menu (which may or may not change), and the Yokocho team will run the place forever more.

Reached by phone, Cailan says the deal came together really quickly, and will allow Ramen Champ to continue on with the backing of a quality team, as he works up some other projects around town.

Ramen Champ

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