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Melrose Scores Affordable Sushi Roll Specialist Tsuri

It’s a huge win for the neighborhood.

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Tsuri, Melrose
Tsuri, Melrose

There's no question Los Angeles has a plethora of outstanding sushi spots, but with the exception of Sugarfish and only a handful of other raw fish specialists, it can be a challenge to find a decent sushi bar that won't gobble up half a paycheck.

Enter Tsuri, the newest sushi restaurant to hit Hollywood that opened just a few weeks ago in mid-August. Early Yelp reviews have been effusive, with consistent five-star ratings across the board. Reviews point to exceptionally fresh fish, friendly service, and tasty rolls. Of course, there's a solid selection of nirigi sushi if that's what you prefer, but the rolls and plated sashimi seem to be the main game at Tsuri.

The restaurant is still waiting for its liquor license, so you may want to hold off if sake is an essential part of your sushi experience. Otherwise, it seems like the ideal neighborhood joint to pop in for a relatively affordable sushi meal or to recharge after a hard day of shopping on Melrose.

7015 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038