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Saint Martha Closed Temporarily in Koreatown Due to Investor Shuffle

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With plans to reopen next month.

Saint Martha, Koreatown
Saint Martha, Koreatown

Strip mall hotspot Saint Martha notified diners last night that Tuesday would be their last day of service for the next month or so. Owing to a bit of back-and-forth with the team of investors that brought the place to life initially, chef and co-owner Nick Erven said that the restaurant will need to remain closed until the amicable transfer of ownership is complete.

It seems a tough time to have to close, even temporarily, but could ultimately benefit Erven greatly. As a younger chef, being able to own a larger stake in the place you’re working at every day is certainly a good thing, even though it comes at the cost of some momentum-building for the restaurant.

That being said, the place certainly has been on a roll of late, after earning accolades from Jonathan Gold and three stars from Besha Rodell last year. Koreatown is an undeniably hip place to do business at the moment, and the recent news of the inclusion of Southland Beer to their same strip mall on Western has been a boon.

With investor paperwork cleared up, Erven and his team should be fine to return to the stoves by early October.

Saint Martha

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