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Golden State Gives Away Beer, Your Favorite Chefs Are in a Band, and More AM Intel

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Plus pressed juice for the smaller side of Silver Lake, and news on the old Adoteca space.

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Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

The old Adoteca could be pivoting into a pizza place

Yes, it's still sorta Italian, but this ABC license tacked onto the former Adoteca space (which just fell into a shutter days ago) could point to a new direction for Brentwood — a pizza place, instead of more of the same Cal-Ital stuff that's been happening there for years.

Golden State is just handing out beer now

Casual Fairfax burger and beer spot Golden State tends to fly under the radar, but that's just because it's so reliable. Now they're switching things up in a big way, using Monday nights to promo occasional one-off burgers (this week features a Western bacon cheeseburger rehash and another topped with pimiento cheese) — and, as a bonus, anyone who burgers up gets a free beer (or soda) with purchase.

Pitchoun brings bread to Culver City

Downtown pastry star Pitchoun is now slinging their breads and sweets at none other than Vintage Wine + Market in Culver City. Available weekdays only, you can now score an assortment of baguettes, croissants, and more straight from the counter.

More juice for Silver Lake

Silver Lake newcomer Juice Crafters — which hosts existing locations across LA and even in San Diego — celebrated their soft opening over the weekend. They're situated inside the Gelson's shopping plaza off Hyperion, way in the back, and offering everything from fresh-pressed juice to smoothies to açai bowls.

An all-hands-on-deck Italian dinner at Valentino

Piero Selvaggio and exec chef Tommaso Tarantino of Santa Monica's Valentino is bringing in the big guns for an Italian-tinged dinner on October 12. They're bringing in Peppe Barone from Modica's Fattoria delle Torri, plus pastry chef Antonio Colombo. There's a $95 coursed-out option for everything — from sea urchin pasta to almond-stuffed suckling pig — or they can be ordered individually the night of the dinner.

Bruce Kalman and Duff Goldman are in a band

Yes, it's a real band, and no, it's not a joke. After all, don't most food folks secretly want to be rock stars, and vice versa? There's a podcast about that very idea out there somewhere. Anyway, here's the pair rocking out with some others at a recent late night jam session:

Sneak peek at the band........@jeffliff on keys @bioblues on guitar @duff_goldman rockin the bass and @cescojr crushing it on drums; yours truly on the mic! #Repost @jeffliff with @repostapp. ・・・ I've spent the past decade, if not longer, studying the relationship between food and music. The perfect pairing of the two can make for an unforgettable experience or simply keep the sanity. For a touring musician, a good meal cooked from the soul makes whatever city they're in feel, if only briefly, at home. Whether you're a chef, line cook, or dishwasher, a good playlist or radio station being pumped through the kitchen can keep the peace between all three and help pass the hours behind the stove and in front of the steam. This relationship is why I immediately fell in love with @brooklynbowl when they first opened in 2009. It's why #Austin and #NewOrleans will forever be both culinary and musical Meccas. And most importantly, why I am so stoked to be in a band with @bioblues @chefbkalman @duff_goldman and @cescojr

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