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Paramount Coffee Project Brings Australia's Hippest Coffee to the Heart of Fairfax

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Is this the experimental coffee shop you've been looking for?

With Los Angeles' booming coffee culture, it can sometimes seem like ho-hum shops are opening a mile a minute, each one more cookie-cutter than the last. Not so with Paramount Coffee Project, an exciting Australian newcomer landing this Friday along Fairfax.

First launched in Sydney in 2013, PCP is the result of a collaboration between three friends — Jin Ng, Mark Dundon, and Russell Beard — with an obsession for all things coffee. Since then, the project has expanded to include massive pop-ups featuring top quality roasters and baristas from across the globe.

At the new Fairfax location, designed by Australia's Alana Cooke, look for the same attention to detail contained within a multi-roaster coffee shop that keeps daily hours and also offers a focused food menu full of toasts, breakfast sandwiches, and more. The space itself is long and lean, with a small patio space in the back, an open kitchen, and lots of functional seating — including stools and two-tops — throughout the thin main room.

Paramount Coffee Project opens this Friday, with plans to keep daily hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Paramount Coffee Project Fairfax
456 N. Fairfax
Los Angeles, CA