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Some Restaurant Owner Is Trying to Revitalize Hollywood's Ugliest Intersection

Who's heard of Farm Boy Kitchen?

Farm Boy Kitchen, Hollywood
Farm Boy Kitchen, Hollywood
Joshua Lurie

Anyone know what’s going on with this new strip mall spot coming into Hollywood? It’s called Farm Boy Kitchen, and so far the only details available online are about how the place keeps getting tagged. Not surprising, of course, given the somewhat sketchy location.

The upcoming restaurant sits just south of Santa Monica Boulevard on Vine, in what has long been a less-than-stellar strip mall space. Formerly the corner plot was a Wok & Roll, but has been turned out in favor of the new (largely unknown) concept. Except there's not really much other info to go on at the moment  — no website, no Facebook, no Instagram (that we've found, anyway).

It is known that the owner is one Hunter Fox, though there’s no ABC license activity under that name or for that address. Fox did talk to The Beverly Press about all the graffiti in the area (and provided to them the below rendering of the space), saying that he’d been trying to get that particular location for the better part of 15 years. He also says that the place is seeking an October or early November opening. So, worst case scenario, we'll all get to find out what's up then.

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