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Chang An Brings Chinese Gastropub to SGV, New Beef Noodle House Lands in El Monte

Monterey Park's Atlantic Blvd becomes dessert central.

And now, a semi-regular update from San Gabriel Valley's vibrant restaurant scene:

1) San Gabriel: SGV just received its first gastropub in the form Chang'An Restaurant. The massive 3 unit space, taking over Imperial City, promises to bring the "DTLA hipster" experience to Valley Blvd. Grand opening was September 8 after weeks of soft opening. The chef is a young Ray Zhou, and the partners are Nic Zhang & Minda Zhang. Sitting on top of the Hilton Plaza, Chang'an is pouring over a dozen draft beers designed to pair with a Chinese-centric "shaokhao" menu as well as pan-Chinese drinking fare. Yes, the Chinese tapas-izakaya concept has finally arrived. 227 W Valley Blvd, Ste 348, 358, 368

corner beef noodle house

2) El Monte: Corner Beef Noodle House soft opened on September 15 in the plaza which also houses Ocean Bo and Little Malaysia. The house dish here is the Taiwanese national dish of beef noodle soup, and the recipe is supposedly a thirty-year old family heirloom. 3948 Peck Rd


3) Monterey Park: Hooshik, SGV's first Korean shaved ice (patbingsu) shop has opened and the Yelp reviews are rolling in. On site is also a Stumptown coffee program powered by a brand spanking new La Marcozzo Linea, a rare sight in these parts of the SGV. Mar Center plaza now hosts a whopping six dessert shops (Macchiato, Hooshik, Kung Fu Soy, Ganache, Half and Half Tea Express) and has become a certified post-dinner gathering spot. 141 N Atlantic Blvd

aj asian kitchen

4) South El Monte: AJ Asian Kitchen has replaced Ms. Bun Bo Hue which opened in 2013. The "Asian" cuisines represented is predominantly Thai-Laotian with an extra Vietnamese menu thrown in. Look for North East Thai/Issan dishes. 9805 Garvey Ave


5) Alhambra: The only KFC in this area is done. Alhambra city council has been anti-new fast food chain restaurants for a while now, and one of the remaining "big box" fast food restaurants simply couldn't make it on this lonely stretch of Valley. The McDonald's down the street, however, is as busy as ever.

crown palace

6) Rosemead: Crown Palace is taking over Sun City Seafood, a Cantonese dimsum house previously catering tour groups from China. 7540 E Garvey Ave