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Beverly Hills' Doomed Relais de Paris Caves Just Three Months In

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The place apparently left some customers stiffed on their reservations, too.

Relais de Paris, Beverly Hills
Relais de Paris, Beverly Hills

Well it’s hard to say that no one saw this coming: just a few months after finally opening its doors, Relais de Paris in Beverly Hills has shuttered.

A tipster writes in to say that as of this past weekend the place was locked up tight, despite apparently taking reservations right up until the moment they turned off the lights — without informing a single customer of the shutdown. Asking around with various neighbors along Wilshire led to customers hearing second-hand that Relais had up and decided to close on the spot sometime last week.

Of course, the ambitious (and delayed) project — all-day hours, flexible rooms capable of hosting business lunches and private parties, a separate-but-attached speakeasy bar — was not without its detractors, many of whom were skeptical that such a place could make it work in a location so notorious for its lack of foot traffic and failed previous iterations.

A call to the steak frites eatery confirms that Relais is dunzo, with the recording announcing a temporary closedown with plans to "reopen with another concept." What that is, and when (if ever) it will actually take place, is up in the air. Similarly, there's no word on whether or not their Santa Barbara outlet is back in play, after also closing for a 'remodel' months ago.

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