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Kyoto's High End Tempura Endo Settling Into Beverly Hills by Late Fall

LA is in the midst of a resurgence of fine Japanese cuisine.

Tempura Endo, Beverly Hills
Tempura Endo, Beverly Hills
Matthew Kang

LA is blossoming with some high end Japanese fare, from the recently opened Raku and upcoming Kappo-style Shibumi in Downtown to a brand new Kyoto-style shop called Tempura Endo in Beverly Hills slated to arrive in late fall. Slotted in a former sushi restaurant along Small Santa Monica, the ambitious tempura shop will prepare delicate tempura served omakase style.

What that means is intricately cut seafood and vegetables served individually, often with a variety of flavored salted instead of a more traditionally seen dipping sauce. According to the restaurant's Facebook page, which is chronicling the opening, they're bringing over high quality sakura alcove post to line the refined interior. The page also has some amazing (and hilarious, especially in Japanese) commentary on their upcoming home in Beverly Hills, like an homage to the classic 90s show 90210.

Tempura Endo Beverly Hills takes over the longstanding former Sushi Dokoro Ki Ra La space — which sits just down the block from the upcoming Japanese yakiniku concept called Yazawa that has taken the onetime Bierbeisl address.

A late fall arrival is currently underway for the Beverly Hills restaurant, though no specific dates have been tossed about just yet. Whenever it comes, Tempura Endo will be an important arrival for L.A., which in the span of just a few months has become a hotbed for fantastic Japanese cuisine — beyond the usual strip mall sushi gems and ramen shops we already have, of course.

Tempura Endo
9777 S. Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly HIlls, CA