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N’ice Cream Goes the Yogurtland Model With Self-Serve Gelato in Playa Vista

It’s like Yogurtland’s fancy cousin.

N'ice Cream Playa Vista
N'ice Cream Playa Vista

Just as this heat won't let up, so too is the ice cream shop wave that won't stop rolling. Toddrickallen reports on the newest scoop shop to open its doors, N'ice Cream Playa Vista, another outpost of the gelateria that first opened on Abbot Kinney.

Instead of the straightforward scoops that you get at the Venice location, N'ice Cream Playa Vista follows the self-serve model popular at frozen yogurt shops. The difference here is quality, and, of course, price. Here, the gelato is made with raw ingredients and has toppings like chopped blondie bars that raise the price to $0.89 an ounce. Although this is rings in at more than double the cost of competing stores, it is about 20% less than the original scoop shop.

With its sparkling new location right next to Whole Foods though, the hand-crafted gelato and sorbet retailer will likely fare just fine.

N'ice Cream Playa Vista
12746 W Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90094