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Kalye Hits Brings Filipino Street Food Favorites Indoors With Second Location on Beverly

Now open.

Inside the Kalye Hits on Cahuenga
Inside the Kalye Hits on Cahuenga

Los Angeles (and perhaps the United States as a whole) is witnessing the rebirth of Filipino food, with an explosion of places that go beyond lumpia and sisig. Case in point: Kalye Hits, which now tracks a third location onto Beverly Boulevard.

The casual lunch and dinner spot currently enjoys a home up on Cahuenga (with their original outfit still planted firmly in San Diego), but as of last week managed to get a second L.A. branch up and running on Beverly Boulevard. The space, just east of Normandie, is technically on the northern reaches of Koreatown, but sits along a strip of mostly Mexican restaurants (and right next to a dentist’s office).

With some flashy lighting and interesting interior decor choices, Kalye Hits seems to already be making a splash with the locals — a quick drive-by last night showed the place to be pretty bustling. That’s no small feat, given the space (room for 100 seats, apparently) inside.

Hours run 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily for Kalye Hits Beverly Boulevard. Expect a menu filled with lots of street food options like kwek-kwek and meat skewers, plus more common options like pansit, adobo, and lechon.

Kalye Hits
4161 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

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