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Afters Ice Cream Brings Milky Bun Mania to Long Beach on Labor Day

It's gonna be a bustling spot.

Afters Ice Cream Long Beach
Afters Ice Cream Long Beach
Matthew Bragman

Since Bundle declared Long Beach "The City That Eats The Most Ice Cream in the US" a few years back, the city has welcomed even more dairy delights and is ready to pickup a huge new star from OC's famous AFTERS Ice Cream. It's the first Los Angeles County expansion for the piping hot milky bun-cum-ice cream purveyor.

The ice cream specialists are bringing their tried-and-true product line, but CEO Scott Nghiem promises the Long Beach location will be introducing new flavors and "a delivery system unseen in the dessert territory." Not sure what that means, but we'll have to see.

Though it's currently soft open, AFTERS officially dishes out their famous Milky Buns and other adventurous creamy comfort foods to The LBC starting Labor Day. —Matthew Bragman

Afters Ice Cream
5708 7th Street
Long Beach, CA