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Singaporean Bread Shop Duke's Bakery Lands Third Location at the Americana

Get ready, Glendale.

Duke Bakery, Arcadia
Duke Bakery, Arcadia

Not that long ago, Singapore’s Duke Bakery was putting together its first U.S. location, right in the heart of Rowland Heights. That was back in March, and since then the popular overseas brand has been hungry for expansion, including a new outpost heading for that glimmering Glendale beacon of American prosperity Americana at Brand.

The upcoming addition should make for an interesting new tenant at the chain-heavy Americana (there's also a new Lemonade coming out that way), offering unique takes on a variety of styles, from French loaves to Japanese desserts. There are fermented pineapple and walnut baguettes, deep chocolate loaves, and toast slices meant to mimic all the flavors of a pizza. Odd? Yes. Delicious? Probably. But a fit at the Americana? Hard to say right now.

There’s no official timetable for the Duke Bakery arrival in Glendale, though with their current pace it shouldn’t take long at all. Consider this: Duke didn’t exist before 2013, but as of today they sport 19 locations across Singapore, China, and the United States — the one in Rowland Heights and another in Arcadia. Glendale would make three U.S. stops, all in Southern California, and 20 total for the brand.

Talk about moving fast.

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