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Andre Guerrero Plans Highland Park Pastry Shop and Salumi House

And it's got a pretty rad name.

Apparently Eastside chef Andre Guerrero is on the move, sneaking in some plans for a brand new bakery and salami shop set to hit Highland Park later this year.

The news is tucked away right at the bottom of a fall restaurant preview list put together by Food Republic. That’s where you’ll find details on Sugar & Bone, Guerrero’s apparent bakery arrival done in conjunction with Jan Purdy. Apparently Purdy, a trained pastry chef, looks to offer a wide assortment of pastries, cookies, tarts, and rustic breads from inside the shop, while Guerrero will focus on all sorts of smoked meats, salumi, and more.

There are also plans for takeaway dried goods, like the pastas from Maximiliano just next door, plus a cheese selection, and — this being the suddenly over-caffeinated Highland Park — a coffee program that relies on Intelligentsia beans.

The hope, it sounds like, is to become the sort of casual all-day shop that Highland Park is suddenly yearning for, filled with easygoing but well-made fare and to-go dinner essentials in a rustic environment.

The location on York Boulevard sits right next door to Maximiliano, in a long-unused storefront space that was, for a time, a Curves. Now, sometime later this fall, it'll play host to lots of carbs and smoked meat.

Sugar & Bone
5930 York Blvd.
Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA

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