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Katy Perry Goes Big by Ordering In-N-Out at the Golden Globes

A shining moment for all those underfed celebs.

In-N-Out truck
In-N-Out truck

In what’s become something of an annual awards show tradition — started, perhaps, by Ellen DeGeneres ordering actual pizzas at the Oscars back in 2014 — a few celebrities managed to squeeze in some deliciously unhealthy food while waiting to receive their statues, thanks entirely to singer Katy Perry and, one assumes, a slew of interns.

Per this Instagram post from best dramatic actress winner Brie Larson (she won for the film Room), the highlight of the awards ceremony may not have been the actual arrival of her statue, but rather the In-N-Out burger that was waiting for her when she got back. Perry provided the much-needed nourishment seemingly out of nowhere, and Larson called it "her favorite moment".

Note to Self: Sit next to @katyperry next year at #GoldenGlobes. She brings the good snacks.

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The UK’s Daily Mail managed to back up the news of the burger airdrop with a few stills from the evening in progress, which shows a full table of folks enjoying said burgers and fries. Alex Greenwald, Larson’s boyfriend, is digging in, as is Cecile B. DeMille Award winner Denzel Washington.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that In-N-Out specifically has been spotted near the red carpet — it’s just that usually the chow-down comes at the afterparty, not during the event itself. In the past, In-N-Out trucks have been spotted all over town on awards night, including a notable stint at 2012’s Vanity Fair Academy Awards post-show gala.

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