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Yu/Mi Sushi Now Open In Former L'Amande Beverly Hills Location

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It's a relatively affordable sushi spot for the Golden Triangle.


Remember when L'Amande bakery in Beverly Hills shuttered due to a pretty serious HR lawsuit? Well now, more than half a year later, the space on 9530 S. Santa Monica Blvd just one block away from Rodeo Drive has officially opened its doors as Yu/Mi Sushi, reports Toddrickallen.

The sushi restaurant, once located down the street at 9475 Santa Monica Blvd in a much smaller space, sports a relatively standard menu of sushi bar favorites, making it a great choice for those who aren't a fan of the orthodox nigiri-only spots. In addition to sushi, Yu/Mi also offers a pretty serious selection of robata dishes, with specials that can include Mizayaki Wagyu Grade A5 with foie gras.

Yu/Mi is still waiting for its liquor license, so those who prefer sake and beer with their sushi should be advised to wait before visiting the restaurant. But overall, with its open digs that boasts soaring glass walls, the bright and airy space should make for a good lunchtime option in the Golden Triangle.

Yu/Mi Sushi
9530 S Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210