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Did Long, Confusing Name Sink The Farm of Beverly Hills at L.A. Live?

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One tenant bites the dust Downtown.

Farm of Beverly Hills at L.A. Live
Farm of Beverly Hills at L.A. Live

It appears that The Farm of Beverly Hills at L.A. Live has quietly closed up shop, bringing an end to one of the longest-running tenants at the touristy enclave. Per a tipster, signage is off the building and the space is cleared out.

It’s a soft final fall for the clunkily-named local chain, which at one time sported additional non-Beverly Hills locations at places like The Grove. Now, per their own website, the original address on Beverly Drive is all that remains, while Yelpers continue to lambaste the L.A. Live outpost for its eerily empty interior and "generic menu".

The last day of service appears to have been on New Years Eve, at least as cited by local blog DTLA Explorer — who for what its worth also predicted the restaurant's demise several months ago, citing their incongruous name as one potential reason for their eventual downfall.

A few shots of the outside space show patio chairs already hauled away, joining failed options like Trader Vic’s and ESPN Zone in the forgotten pile of unsuccessful concepts to make a go of it at L.A. Live. What’s next for the (relatively) prime location is anyone’s guess. Still need to find a place to dine in the area? There's always WP24, Ford's Filling Station, and Triple 8.

The Farm of Beverly Hills

439 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 273-5578 Visit Website

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