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Gelato Bar Really Is Closed This Time, a Ramen Burrito Worth Eating, and More A.M. News

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Plus Tender Greens combats the drought, and a new spot emerges for high tea in Hollywood.

Tender Greens, Glendale
Tender Greens, Glendale
Tender Greens

Tender Greens grows their own

ABC7 has a cool little profile on Tender Greens and their plans to head off the drought at the pass, mostly by using hydroponic towers to limit water use while providing a workable percentage of their overall greens needs for the restaurant. It's not entirely new (the Hollywood location has had them forever, and other restaurants like Petty Cash rely on the same technology), but it's always nice to see some forward-thinking restaurant operations getting their due.

And even more healthy restaurants

The Infatuation put together an interesting list of healthy-eating restaurants that, quote, "aren't awful." Of course, this is a narrow genre that L.A. has absolutely mastered in recent years, an the list points out some of the city's best examples, like Sweetfin Poke, Sqirl, and Urban Garden on Beverly.

Gelato Bar really is closed

The off-again, and then on-again, Gelato Bar in Los Feliz has apparently been officially switched to off, and this time all signs point to permanent. There's a For Rent sign up in the door and a For Lease sign on the sign of the building, with nothing much going on inside. Locals say the place has been shuttered for around a week.

Bartenders at Large

In the latest episode of YouTube show Bartenders at Large, Erick Castro chats with Joey Bernardo of Harvard & Stone, plus Eric Bugosh and Yael Vengroff of The Spare Room. It's a long episode at over an hour, but lets the three popular bartenders expound on little-used ingredients, their industry starts, and just about everything in between.

Busting the ramen burrito gimmick at Komodo

Lesley Balla of Zagat teams up with Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch for another episode of Gimmick Busters, wherein they dive into some of the city's most outrageous food concoctions to see if they're actually worth your time. This ep centers around Komodo's ramen burrito (plus a bonus burger burrito), with each reviewer declaring that the ramen iteration indeed does work. The burger option? Not so much.

Hi SocieTEA brings drinks and crumpets to the W Hollywood

Just spotted: a sign around the corner from Hollywood Boulevard showing off the incoming (and quirkily-named) Hi SocieTEA shop. Apparently there's going to be loose leaf teas, cold press coffee on tap, and a variety of dainty lil' delicacies to enjoy. Opening to come.

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