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DTLA's Barrel Down Closed by Order of the Health Department

Signage is up.

Barrel Down, DTLA
Barrel Down, DTLA

Bad news for Barrel Down, as it looks like the Downtown craft beer bar has run afoul of the Health Department and is closed until further notice.

A tipster sends in the below photo, which somewhat comically shows a Health Department notice of immediate closure, followed underneath by an innocuous-looking sign that blames the shutter on some water damage only. For what it's worth, it's a sentiment they're backing up on the company's Facebook page.

The Health Department website tells a different story, however, with two major violations cited for improper reheating procedures and vermin, with another two minor strikes relating to gloves and hand washing facilities.

There's no word yet on when Barrel Down will reopen, but considering that Facebook post is from four days ago and the place is still quiet, there could be a longer wait ahead.

Update: Here's a statement from Barrel Down regarding the temporary closure.

Last week we had a major plumbing leak with a sewer line in our basement over the course of two days; this coincided unfortunately with our regular health department inspection - at that time they found a single rodent dropping in the direct vicinity of the flooded area of the basement, though not in the vicinity of any food or beverage products. We are rectifying the situation as quickly as possible and are continuing to work on it as our basement has required substantial work and repair that will be ongoing for the next few days. We value above all else the safety and health of our guests and will reopen as soon as we feel 100% of damage has been repaired

Barrel Down

525 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 232-8657 Visit Website

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