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Paul Hibler's Superba Snack Bar Closing in Venice on January 22

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The Rose Avenue restaurant is getting an overhaul after a white hot opening run.

Superba Snack Bar, Venice
Superba Snack Bar, Venice
Elizabeth Daniels
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Superba Snack Bar, which opened under the direction of Jason Neroni back in 2012, is closing on January 22. Owner Paul Hibler plans to re-open with a new concept on Rose Avenue some time later this year. This comes after the hiring of Sydney Hunter III, who came from Petit Trois to infuse some culinary life into the diminutive restaurant. Brian Weaver also came on board as executive chef after Neroni's tenure, though he also departed last year for Nashville Butcher & Bee.

Though the place opened with plenty of fanfare and a sweet interior design a few years ago, the enthusiasm seemed to trail off after the years (which is natural for restaurants).

After Neroni jumped ship to work at Sprout (and open Catch & Release and The Rose — the former is now closed), Superba Snack Bar had maintained its California-Italian menu with a pasta focus.

American Gonzo Food Corporation owns and operates Pitfire Pizza, Superba Food + Bread, East Borough, and Pie Society in Costa Mesa.

Superba Snack Bar

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