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Here’s What El Chavo in Los Feliz Looks Like Now

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More changes to come for the sold-off space.

As you’ve doubtless heard by now, El Chavo has changed hands, with the former owners selling off the place and walking away last fall. For now, the in-limbo spot is still up and running though, doing a raw bar and taco pop-up series with three of the best names in the business. And along the way, the temporary experience has managed to give the space a (minor) facelift as well.

The longtime Los Feliz Mexican spot for margaritas and big plates of carne asada is a bit more colorful now, though the core details remain intact. Sacramento-based artist Jose di Gregorio The Most Famous Artist is behind the urban touch-up, which includes luchador mask spray paint stencils and a lot of other work on the walls. Those kitschy multi-colored string lights have been replaced with a more unified look as well, leaving the place with a sort of Petty Cash-esque vibe.

Of course, this is all expected to be temporary, as the LLC that now controls the property — one Omni Equities — plans to move forward with more permanent arrangements at a later date. Until then, you can get ceviches, tacos, and cocktails from El Chavo most nights of the week still.

El Chavo

4441 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 664-0871 Visit Website

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