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Newcomer Sheng Ramen Does Taiwanese-Style Noodle Bowls in Koreatown

It's their first U.S. location.

Sheng Ramen, Koreatown
Sheng Ramen, Koreatown

Taiwanese import Sheng Ramen has landed in Los Angeles, bringing with it a particular brand of ramen to the States. The new Koreatown shop has existing locations in Taipei and Macau, and works a menu of Taiwanese-inspired ramen bowls, as well as zha jiang mian and other noodle favorites.

The restaurant, tucked under a staircase in a strip mall at the corner of Vermont and 7th, has been doing private tastings for a few weeks now, but only just officially opened its doors a week or so ago. The shop's sub-$10 menu consists of a signature house ramen made with sliced ribeye, a tomato sauce-based ramen option, and other fusion-y takes like a mapo tofu ramen. Beyond that, there are some simple sides like fries, takoyaki, and gyoza.

The former Anima Pizza & Pasta location is now a new shade of deep red inside, with wood accents and large photos of the food on the walls. There’s a small open kitchen area and a handful of simple wooden tables for eating in, but otherwise not a lot going on inside. Sheng Ramen is now open on Vermont, with daily hours from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Sheng Ramen
698 S. Vermont #106
Los Angeles, CA

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