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Who Wants a Place to Stage Their Next Pop-Up in Culver City?

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One high-end Culver City apartment building wants to speak with you.

Harlow Culver City
Harlow Culver City

Here’s a unique deal from the folks behind the Harlow Culver City, a high-end mixed-use building right on Washington Boulevard in downtown Culver City: You can take over one of their apartments for three to six months, and stage your next pop-up inside.

What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one, really — you’ll just need to get approval from the team in order to move in. After that, the space is all yours to stage dinner-only pop-ups in, with room for 20 to 30 guests per evening. The idea is to showcase the functional kitchen and dining space inside the Harlow while building its cache as a cool brand, but if you’re just desperate to avoid overhead while you build up a clientele as an underground chef… hey, this could work.

The Harlow Culver City is being in the final stages now, which means any potential pop-up should be ready to jump into one of the apartments as soon as possible. Want to hear more details? Contact the folks in charge.

Harlow Culver City
9901 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA

Update: There is no longer availability for this project, Eater is told.

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