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Super-Exclusive West LA Sushi Spot Yamakase Flips Onto Olympic Blvd

While a nearby West LA ramen shop takes their former Palms location.

Former Yamakase, Palms
Former Yamakase, Palms

Apparently Kotoya Ramen is looking to expand, with news today that they’ll be stretching into Palms with a new location on National Boulevard. There’s only one catch: the address they claim to be taking over is already in use by high-end invite-only omakase sushi spot Yamakase.

Or, was. After a bit of digging, it seems that Yamakase has quietly flipped over to Olympic Boulevard, inside the former Ramen Hayatemaru location in a strip mall on the corner of Barrington, steps from the 7-11.

If you’ll recall, Yamakase is the work of one Kiyoshiro Yamamoto, the former sushi chef from The Hump who pled guilty to serving whale meat last year and endured a $5,000 fine, plus 200 hours of community service. The restaurant only lets in those it deems worthy via an online invitation system, but is routinely listed among the best omakase restaurants in the city. Just last week, some Eater readers chimed in with news of Yamamoto's 27-course dinner, which starts at $300 per person.

As for Kotoya, they plan on moving into the now-vacant omakase spot sometime this spring. This flyer from their Facebook page points directly to 10422 National Boulevard, which will act as a second location for the populist ramen shop. That's good news for anyone tired of braving the lines at their West LA original.

Yamakase Sushi

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