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The Rooster Truck Is LA's Newest Breakfast Sensation on Wheels

Move aside, Eggslut.

The Rooster Truck
The Rooster Truck

Ever since the food truck revolution came and went, it's been a while since a mobile food operation caught our attention. But when a fine dining-trained chef decides to follow her passion for over-medium eggs and sets up an eggs and bacon-topped, pancake batter-dipped, deep-fried French toast-serving food truck, its hard for mouths not to water.

Enter The Rooster Truck, chef Rouha Sadighi's brunch on wheels that soft opened on Fairfax last Saturday, with plans to grand open on January 30 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Blue Bottle Abbot Kinney.

Sadighi, a Cutthroat Kitchen champ, who worked everywhere from Penelope in New York City to Joe's on Abbott Kinney, most recently served as executive chef of Kye's Montana. But the chef's true passion was breakfast — over-medium eggs, to be exact. She explained, "I'm obsessed with the over-medium egg. Because most people can't make it. And that is something that my team is going through vigorous training over as well as just making perfect eggs in any form."

It seems natural then that Roo's (Roo being Sadighi's nickname, making for a rather aptly named food truck) menu is anchored in the over-medium egg, with three of the dishes on the tight menu of four options highlighting the preparation. There's that crazy French toast; a breakfast sandwich called the "WTF?" made with a hot sauce in partnership with Kill Sauce; and a chilaquiles-like Killit Skillet, a decadent jumble of egg, chorizo, tater tots, avocado and tortilla chips.

But the most popular item from Saturday's soft opening? The breakfast burrito, of course, loaded with egg, bacon, tater tots, avocado, cheddar cotija blend, and molcajete salsa. Catch The Rooster truck at Blue Bottle Abbott Kinney and Arts District, and check the website for times.