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LA Headline Predictions for 2016

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Knuckle & Claw, Silver Lake
Knuckle & Claw, Silver Lake
Wonho Frank Lee
Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

Pat Saperstein, EatingLA and Senior Editor, Variety

Take-Out Windows Are the New Food Trucks; East Hollywood is the New Silver Lake; Good Bread is Finally More Popular Than Cupcakes

Jeff Miller, Editor, Thrillist LA

Baroo expands to second (and third) location.

Tony Chen, Eater LA Contributor

Every Portland transplant in LA closes because: overrated; their leases replaced by new outlets of Knuckles and Claw.

Eddie Lin, Deep End Dining

Just like Miss Philippines was recently crowned Miss Universe, her country's food will be crowned L.A.'s hot cuisine in 2016. Particularly when chef Alvin Cailan drops Amboy, his Filipino concept, Filipino food will, at last, be a restaurant category to be taken seriously.

Chinatown, where Cailan's Amboy will reside, continues to attract talent and diversity. Furthermore, Chinatown's Far East Plaza gets even hotter with the openings of Howlin' Ray's Hot Chicken, Amboy, and Lao Tao. Chinatown, in general, will keep reinventing itself and be one of the most fascinating restaurant destinations in the city thanks to the unofficial mayor of Chinatown, George Yu.

Harry Potter-inspired plates will start popping up all over town. Care for some Engorgio pork belly?

Esther Tseng, EstarLA

Cost of Dining Out Skyrockets as L.A. Restaurants Struggle To Keep Up With New Minimum Wage Law

Nancy Silverton Adds Modern Mediterranean to Her Empire

Diners Order One Dish Per Person Without Sampling Each Other's Food

Lesley Balla, LA Magazine, Angeleno, Zagat

LA: Don't Stop, Won't Stop

Euno Lee, Eater LA Contributor

If an overpriced, mediocre Thai restaurant falls in L.A., does it make a sound? 16 Places to Get Meat on a Stick, The Proto-Hipster's Final Frontier: An East L.A. Dining Guide, Ray Garcia just put foie gras and macerated huckleberries in a taco so stop acting like you're not going to pay $20 for it, Bill Chait Graciously Spares Career of Writer Who Alleges He Is Monopolizing the LA Restaurant Game

Lucas Peterson, Eater LA Contributor

Mast Bros Opens Storefront in Old Fig & Olive Space​

Zach Brooks, Midtown Lunch, Food is the New Rock

Instagram Solves World Hunger; Procures Free Food For Everybody With More Than 1000 Followers

Caroline Pardilla, LA Magazine, Eater Drinks

I said it last time but I'll say it again, LA bar wins World's Best Cocktail Bar. Our city gets overlooked for all the amazing things it's been doing in the cocktail world.

Bill Esparza, LA Magazine, Streetgourmet LA

L.A. continues to be the best dining city in the U.S. for its range of dining, while antiquated lists and national critics stick with the old and tired narrative of NYC as the center of the universe. And, South America, especially Brasil, will make strides in Los Angeles, due to the Olympics--saude!

Chefs and restaurateurs will actually take responsibility when and if their restaurant closes and not come crying to Eater, blaming the media. It's a risky business and not for the faint of heart. Hey, ya know, if you can't handle the heat...

Hadley Tomicki, Urban Daddy LA

David Chang Looks At Venice, Gjelina Bulldozes Senior Center To Open Gjentrified

Nicole Iizuka, Senior Producer, Popsugar

Japan's Gudetama-inspired Bacon Blankets are all the Rage! Eat Yours Today.
Forget Beer Pong, World Series of Rage Cage is where it's at.

Farley Elliott, Senior Editor, Eater LA

Filipino Chefs Return to the Cuisine They Know. Even Fancy Restaurants Make Room for Craft Beer at the Table. The Great Wage Debate: Why Paying 20% More For Your Meal Just May Be Worth It.

The Offalo

"Guerrilla Tacos Brick & Mortar Debuts"

"Adam Perry Lang Opens Permanent Los Angeles BBQ Shop"

"Jessica Biel's Au Fudge Refuses Banana-Suited Starry Kitchen Baby Entry"

Stacey Sun, DineLA

Falafel is the new uni

Crystal Coser, Associate Editor, Eater LA

JK! Eataly NOT Headed To Westfield Century City
Your Favorite Restaurant Is Now Only Serving Poke

Stan Lee, Eater LA

Avo Toast Bar Brings Chipotle-type Eatery to West LA

Lesley Bargar Suter, Food Editor, LA Magazine

How LocoL Changed the World

Joshua Lurie, FoodGPS

Arts District Becomes So Popular That the City of L.A. Finally Installs Parking Meters

Rising Wages Thin Out L.A. Restaurant Herd

Meghan McCarron, Associate Features Editor, Eater

Baroo And Sqirl Launch Sqirloo, a Fermented Jam Cafe

Matthew Kang, Editor, Eater LA

Everyone Realizes LA Has a Better Dining Scene Than NYC, But the Big Apple Still Gets All the Attention From National Food Media

Indian Food Becomes the Most Popular Cuisine in Los Angeles

Olea. Cellar,Craft,Cook

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