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Alvin Cailan Launches Restaurant Incubator Unit 120 Inside Chinatown's Far East Plaza

More big news for the still-burgeoning area.

Far East Plaza, Chinatown
Far East Plaza, Chinatown

Here’s something that nobody saw coming: Alvin Cailan, he of Eggslut fame and (formerly) Ramen Champ, wants to be the next great restaurant incubator. Or, at the very least, host some pretty awesome pop-ups in Chinatown.

Though firm details are still coming together, Cailan says he has plans to open a concept known as Unit 120, which will act as a breeding ground for new ideas and visiting chefs from all over the county. Calling it a ‘creative space for chefs to test their menu and concepts’, the plan is to open occasionally for limited engagements with chefs both local and far away. On deck are rumored to be names from New York, San Francisco, and Portland, where Cailan worked before landing back in L.A. to start Eggslut years ago.

There’s no opening date for Unit 120 at the moment, but the announcement sure does cement Cailan’s plan to stay in Chinatown for the long haul. The upstairs Far East Plaza spot Ramen Champ marked his first foray — though he’s no longer much involved — and there have been rumblings throughout the months about an upcoming diner concept called The Proper in the area.

Regardless, Unit 120 is another big win for the Far East Plaza team, which not only has Chego, Pok Pok Phat Thai, and coffee shop Endorffeine — they're also landing Howlin' Rays in short order.

Far East Plaza

727 North Broadway, , CA 90012 (424) 207-4459

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