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Chain Brewhouse BJ's Down for the Count in Westfield Century City

Endless turnover at the mall with its sights set on fancier concepts.

BJ's Westfield Century City
BJ's Westfield Century City

Another day, another chain restaurant closing its doors for the last time at Westfield Century City. This time it's BJ's, the chain brewhouse known for its standard beer-friendly fare and popular pizza-cookie hybrid, the pizookie.

The expansive restaurant has confirmed that it will shutter on January 24. It's not the only big name restaurant to shut down in the same mall, with national healthy-eating chain Seasons 52 facing a similar fate back in November, and customizable burger restaurant The Counter going kaput only a few months before that.

The shutter comes as little surprise though, as rumors have been swirling about a pushy management team that has its sights buzzier concepts, a.k.a. Eataly. Paired with the pretty invasive construction that comes with the mall's massive revamp, and you end up with the perfect recipe for sweeping closures.