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Top Chef Contestants Phillip Frankland Lee and Kwame Onwuachi Join Forces for Dinner

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A future Top Chef winner could be cooking your meal on February 3.

Phillip Frankland Lee and Kwame Onwuachi
Phillip Frankland Lee and Kwame Onwuachi
Onwuachi Photo: Kevin Carroll

Are you like the rest of us and are completely Top Chef obsessed? Ever wished you could taste the dishes produced during those completely insane quickfire challenges? Well here's your chance. For one night only, current Top Chef contestants Phillip Frankland Lee and early front runner Kwame Onwuachi of D.C.'s The Shaw Bijou are throwing a joint eight-course dinner party at Lee's recently opened Scratch Bar in Encino.

For $120 per person, Top Chef fanatics can get a taste of the competitors' fare, along with a dessert by Lee's wife, Margarita Lee. Only 70 seats are available, so you'll probably want to call 818-646-6085 like, now, to make your reservation. Check out the full menu below:

Pork Belly and Raw Oyster by Phillip Frankland Lee

Chicken and Lamb Over Rice by Kwame Onwuachi
Lamb Sweetbreads | Kashmiri Sauce | Smoked Sesame Emulsion | Chicken Jus

Puffed Smelt by Phillip Frankland Lee
Rice Puff | Bone Marrow Mustard

Beet Cured Hamachi by Kwame Onwuachi
Hamachi | Jalapeno | Avocado Mousse | Charred Romaine

Roasted Yet Raw Prawns by Phillip Frankland Lee
Mexican White Prawns | Charmoula | Cabbage Cooked in Caramelized Fish Sauce

Foie Gras w/ Shrimp & Pork by Kwame Onwuachi
Seared Foie Gras | Shrimp and Pork Marmalade | Charred Pineapple | Allium Chips

Pork & Squash by Phillip Frankland Lee
100 Day Aged Stepladder Farms Pork Rib | Acorn Squash | Bell Pepper Mustard

Steak & Eggs by Kwame Onwuachi
100 Day Dry Aged Wagyu | Sauce Soubise | Fermented Parsnip | Quail Egg

Ice Cream Cone by Margarita Lee
Vanilla Ice Cream | Rainbow Sprinkles

Scratch|Bar & Kitchen

16101 Ventura Blvd Ste 255, Encino, CA 91436 (818) 646-6085