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Everything to Know About The Huntington Library’s New Food Spots

The Border Grill and Blue Window team will take over three distinct concepts

Kajsa Alger, Mary Sue Milliken, and Susan Feniger (left to right)

It was just last week when it was announced that Border Grill’s Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger and Blue Window’s Kajsa Alger would be taking over the culinary operations at the Huntington Library. The iconic botanical garden and art collection that receives three-quarters of a million annual visitors isn’t just scoring one concept by the celebrated chefs, but three. Here’s the scoop on each one:


The primary café at The Huntington Library, the newly renamed 1919 can be thought of as a mini Border Grill. Options here will include the duo’s classic dishes like tacos on handmade tortillas, ceviche, and agua frescas. Additionally, Alger will offer sushi at a small plates bar within the restaurant.

Open Date: November 2

Freshwater Dumpling and Noodle House

Located in the Chinese Garden, Freshwater Dumpling and Noodle House will give Alger and Feniger the chance to showcase regional Chinese cuisine that also highlights influences from Nepal and Mongolia.

Open Date: November 9

Patio Grill

Next to the Shakespeare Garden will be Patio Grill, a weekend-only spot that will offer global cuisine by Feniger and Milliken. Think dishes like Mediterranean fritters, Caribbean shrimp skewers, and bacon-wrapped hot dogs on the rotating seasonal menu.

Open Date: November 12

Rose Garden Tea Room

The Huntington Library has been a much beloved spot for afternoon tea. Bon Appétit Management, not the culinary trio, will be revamping the menu for this one, but details are still forthcoming.

Open Date: November 16