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The Next Big Sherman Oaks Bar Will Be a Punch Bowl Paradise

Classic cocktails and casual vibes abound at a spot called Tribute

Tribute at Te'kila, Sherman Oaks
Tribute at Te'kila, Sherman Oaks
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The options for drinking well in the Valley continue to improve, and will take a further jump with the upcoming arrival of Tribute to Sherman Oaks, a cocktail-focused back bar option with lots of promise.

Tribute comes by way of the Te’kila team, who took over the shuttered Stanley’s space on Ventura Boulevard back in March. At that time the plan was to split the usable square footage and maintain a separate back area for use only as a hush-hush tasting room and event space, but after rejiggering a few things the team decided to craft a wholly separate entity for customers to enjoy. Welcome to the world, Tribute.

As the name suggests, the bar will act as a sort of ongoing nod to all the things that everyone involved loves about bars. There could be a ‘tribute’ menu to one particular type of booze, say, or one old cocktail manual or forgotten bar. The team leading the charge is none other than Matt Wallace, a longtime name at places like Seven Grand and The Famous in Glendale, with heavy support from Chris Day who has been a staple at General Lee’s in Chinatown, Honeycut, and the old Tipple & Brine.

The menu will be similarly eclectic, with a long run of classic cocktails and highballs, plus the rotating section based on the whim of Wallace and others. There will also be a some decadent boozy punch bowl options for larger groups, making Tribute a place for friends to cluster in large numbers.

Expect Tribute to open to the public on October 20, keeping evening hours only from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., Wednesday through Saturday.

13817 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA

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