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The Bright Future of Ramen, Alimentari Silver Lake's Short Run, and More Intel

Plus the return of Silver Lake's beloved Intelligentsia

The Garland, North Hollywood
The Garland
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

A shooting at Bob’s Hamburgers in Harbor City

Two are dead following a shooting inside Bob’s Hamburgers in Harbor City. CBS LA reports the terrible incident, which occurred yesterday off Pacific Coast Highway, and says that police are still looking for a motive.

All of the lights

Here’s the only recently illuminated sign for Oh Man! Ramen in the Valley, which could be ready to roll just about any day now.

It's really LIT

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More Israeli food for the Valley

The effortless proliferation of great Middle Eastern food continues in the Valley today with news of Sababa Kosher Grill, a Sherman Oaks newcomer that is hitting its stride. Ventura Blvd. Magazine says the Zaray family behind the venture originates from Morocco, but spent years working restaurants in Israel before moving to the States.

Lots of love for Giorgiporgi

Downtown’s quirkiest coffee shop, Giorgiporgi, continues to get some media love. The odd, barebones space comes with lots of built-in greenery, notes Sprudge, but actually has some serious offerings behind all that whimsy.

Intelligentsia Silver Lake is back

Take a look inside the new Intelligentsia Silver Lake, which got a nice nip and tuck recently. The scrubbed-up space is brighter than ever and features even more seating, especially out on that ample patio.

Smorgasburg’s theme weeks

Downtown’s Smorgasburg LA is getting all sorts of theme-y, including a party this weekend called Octubrefest. The Guelaguetza team will be on hand doing a Mexican Octoberfest party that will include micheladas and chorizo from the Choriman. October 30 is Halloween dress up day at Smorgasburg, while November 6 is a day for families and so on.

Drink tequila at Petty Cash

Ever wanted to know more about tequila than you ever thought possible? Well now you can pay $35 for exactly that with a tasting going down at Petty Cash on Monday night. This one’s hosted by Aaron Melendrez from Salazar, and there are two seatings available.

Burgers and martinis

Running Monday, October 17, The Garland in North Hollywood is celebrating the life of Beverly Garland at their restaurant The Front Yard by doling out a $15 burger-and-martini deal. Yep, for $15 you can get both a burger and a cocktail and hang out on their awesome patio, no further strings attached.

Buffet leftovers to save the world

The LA Times takes a look at BuffetGo, a new company bent on reducing food waste in America. It's a clever concept wherein customers basically get notified about reduced-price restaurant food that will otherwise be thrown out, and they can opt to pick it up themselves before the night is over.

Well, that was quick

It seems that Silver Lake's confusing Alimentari shop is already down or the count — or at least a heavy remodel. The windows have been papered over and a sign on the door lets customers know that as of the October 10 they will be "closed for renovations." Diners in the neighborhood can stop scratching their heads at the name choice now.