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Baseball Fan Loses Bet, Eats Entire Menu at Dodger Stadium Concessions Stand

He feared for his life

Uracha Chaiyapinunt

The team at Eater LA has done its fair share of eating the menu, but to consume everything at one of Dodger Stadium's concession stands is an unenviable feat of gastric self-flagellation. That's exactly what Santa Monica resident and Dodger fan @TheAmitie (known as "S.A.") did at the dubiously named "Tenders, Etc." kiosk at Dodger Stadium for Game 3 of the National League Divisional Series Monday after losing a wager he made with the internet.

Without getting too much into baseball statistics, Blanton finished with a career-affirming performance this season, pitching 80 innings with a 2.48 ERA (9th best in the league among all relief pitchers in baseball), meaning the fan would have to make good on the bet.

There is no shortage of french fry options at Dodger Stadium. Uracha Chaiyapinunt

There is no shortage of french fry options at Dodger Stadium.

In an effort to raise money to be able to pay for the food costs (and presumably doubtful as to whether he'd raise any money at all), the fan started a GoFundMe to collect money from his friends to help pay for the food — a salient concern given that an order of garlic fries alone runs $7 at the historic ballpark.

In the (seemingly) unlikely event that he obtained more donations than he needed for food, Seth stated the money would go toward copay for a doctor's visit and the remainder donated to Painted Brain, a community organization dedicated to providing art resources and a space for those suffering from mental health issues.

And if he raised twice his $250 goal, the fan offered, he would eat the menu at an additional kiosk.

"I raised $250 in the first day," Seth told Eater LA via email. "I asked people to stop donating because I feared for my life."

He ended up raising $450, and the final damage included an order of buffalo chicken fries (an order of boneless buffalo wings with a side of fries), chicken tenders (with a side of fries), a fried chicken sandwich, regular fries, garlic fries, peanuts, a souvenir cup soda, a bottle of water and, of course, a Dodger Dog.

His exploits received press from various news outlets and Major League Baseball's official website, where he granted a video interview at the stadium under visible distress.

"I felt terribly nervous going into it; I have high blood pressure already and I'm supposed to be 'watch[ing] my sodium levels," he said. "For most of the game, my stomach was churning. And then even more after. I've been dealing with dehydration problems ever since... Highly do not recommend."

Seth has since recovered and seems to be in good spirits. His usual order at Dodger Stadium?

"A Dodger Dog and maybe some garlic fries when I don't lose bets... I think my taste for garlic fries will come back in the next week," he said. "Hopefully."