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Sugarfina Candies
Crystal Coser

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The Best Candies at Sugarfina, Ranked

Be right back while we recover from this sugar high

Have you ever paid $8.50 for a snack-size box of gummy bears? Well if you’ve come across Sugarfina, the luxury candy retailer with an outlet in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills, the answer might be yes. The company that imports candies from around the world uses ingredients like Dom Perignon and Whispering Angel Rosé alongside undeniably cute packaging to hawk their sweets at a serious premium. But is it worth it? Eater LA Associate Editor Crystal Coser and Editor Matthew Kang ate twelve of the company’s bestsellers to find out.

Champagne Bears

Crystal Coser

Retail: $8.50

Crystal: If you were to do a blind tasting, you would probably just think these are plain ol’ gummy bears. But after learning there’s a drop of Dom Perignon, you can identify subtle notes of champagne and a lingering acidity that you wouldn’t otherwise get from a normal gummy.

Matt: You get this nice top end acidity as soon as you bite into them that balances out the sweetness. I’m a fan of these, but saying there’s Dom Perignon in here doesn’t justify the insane expense. I think Sugarfina’s other gummies are better.

Yes Way Rosé

Crystal Coser

Retail: $8.50

Crystal: Apparently these babies originally had a wait list of over 18,000 when the product first hit the shelves. With that being said, I had high hopes for this one. The texture is much softer than that of the Champagne Bears, which makes it a much easier eating candy. The label says it is made with Whispering Angel Rosé—I just wish it tasted more like it.

Matt: These are better in texture and flavor than the gummy bears. You get this edge of floral notes that separate it from the bears. I’d probably buy these if given a choice between the two of them, but I was even more surprised by the fruit snack-like pineapples and cones.

Parisian Pineapples

Crystal Coser

Retail: $7.50

Crystal: This is such a unique candy, and tastes like fresh pineapple mixed with homemade marshmallow. Easily the best one so far.

Matt: Super delicious off the bat. They remind me of Dole Whip, which is one of the greatest frozen desserts of all time. There’s even a kind of effervescence that makes them truly addictive. Really amazing, and worth the cash too.

Ice Cream Cones

Crystal Coser

Retail: $7.50

Crystal: This is vaguely like candy corn, but really feels like a whole new class of candy. I’ve never had anything like this, and I love it.

Matt: These taste more artisanal or high-end than the other gummies. They’re almost like nothing I’ve ever ever had, like super elegant fruit snacks that you’d get at Gelson’s. If I have kids, they’re going to get a box of these for getting straight A’s in school. If they get a single B, they get nothing. Sorry, I’m Asian and that’s how I roll.

Peach Bellini

Crystal Coser

Retail: $7.50

Crystal: As soon as you open the box it smells like a crate of fresh summer peaches. If you love peach rings (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to want to get yourself a box of these. Quite lovely.

Matt: They’re visually quite impressive, with perfectly granulate sour coatings. The texture is fresh, with a tart middle and finish. Basically peach rings of the best variety. Easily a top pick for me, but you would have to love peach rings as much as I do.

Sugar Lips

Crystal Coser

Retail: $7.50

Crystal: Wow, as a sour candy aficionado, I am wholeheartedly in love with these candies. They are not holding back with mouth-puckering tartness here. The texture is really something else, sort of like Swedish Fish but much softer with an incredible viscosity. All three flavors—watermelon, berry, and bubble gum—are awesome.

Matt: I wasn’t as keen on these as they stick to your teeth and kind of get really gummy. More gummy than any of the other offerings we got from Sugarfina. Think of them like having the texture of Milk Duds, but not caramel. Maybe it’s pure corn syrup? I forgot to check the ingredients.

Sugarfina Pearls

Crystal Coser

Retail: $7.50

Crystal: I love these Tiffany’s colors! The candies have a lovely sheen and are quite addictive.

Matt: They’re douchey M&Ms. Circular instead of pressed down, they roll around like crazy if you try and grab more than one at a time. That said, the texture of the candied outside is superb. Maybe they’re hard to grab onto so that you don’t eat them all at the same time. It just occurred to me that M&Ms are shaped the way they are because it’s ergonomic. Genius.

Aphrodite Strawberry

Crystal Coser

Retail: $8.50

Crystal and Matt start to feel sick at this point

Crystal: These have a nice crunch on the outside, but the milk chocolate coating surrounding the candied Greek strawberry makes it really quite sweet. They are adorable though and look like little dinosaur eggs.

Matt: Bleh, too sweet. They’re really big and overwhelming. They’re fun to look at though.

Robin’s Egg Caramels

Crystal Coser

Retail: $7.50

Crystal: These have a nice, rich caramel that tastes like toffee and is surrounded by dark chocolate. They are much more balanced that the earlier chocolate candies and are really beautiful.

Matt: The dark chocolate is a nice touch but it’s still too sweet for me. The caramel’s texture is top flight though. I’d have to have these with a cup of black coffee after dinner for me to enjoy them. I’m fine with that.

Birthday Cake Caramels

Crystal Coser

Retail: $7.50

Crystal: These smell and taste overwhelmingly like white chocolate and nothing else. Definitely too sweet. I’d be sick if I had another bite.

Matt: Super sweet, like the pre-made frosting you buy in the cake box aisle in the grocery store. And I LOVE that stuff. I’m a fan, though they’re still on the sweet side. Just beware if you like a mix of salty and sweet in your candies.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Crystal Coser

Retail: $7.50

Crystal: The first chocolates that aren’t too sweet. These are really quite nice with a pleasant crunch of salt flakes.

Matt: Amazing. Easily the best, most balanced candy of the bunch and completely worth the price unless you can find something that’s better. They’re basically Milk Duds (damn I must love Milk Duds) but with way better caramel texture and chocolate flavor. Count me in.

Single Malt Scotch Cordials

Crystal Coser

Retail: $8.50

Crystal: Wow, that’s boozy! Definitely don’t give these to kids. They’re like training wheels for people who want to try Scotch.

Matt: Super boozy, the filling is basically pure single malt scotch. It’s good if you love scotch and chocolate. In fact, more restaurants should give this thing as a petit four at the end of the meal. I wish the scotch itself was slightly smokier, but maybe that’s how I like my single malt scotches to taste.

Top Draft Picks

Matt’s selection (left), Crystal’s selection (right)
Crystal Coser

Matt and Crystal flipped a coin. Matt won.

1. M: Dark Chocolate Caramels

2. C: Parisian Pineapples (this was more for strategy than anything else, or Sugar Lips would have had this spot, but damn, those pineapples are good)

3. M: Peach Bellinis

4. C: Ice Cream Cones

5: M Single Malt Scotch

6. C: Yes Way, Rosé

7. M: Sugarfina Pearls

8. C: Champagne Bears

9. M: Birthday Cake Caramels

10. C: Robin's Egg Caramels

11. M: Aphrodite Strawberry

12. C: Sugar Lips

Crystal’s Closing Thoughts

Sure, these candies are seriously overpriced, but I still see myself purchasing a box or two of Sugar Lips (for me) or Yes Way, Rosé and Parisian Pineapples (for friends as a hostess gift and for, well, me, who am I kidding). Then again, I’m fairly certain I’m the epitome of Sugarfina’s target demographic, so kudos to their consumer marketing team.

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