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Catch Is the Most Celebrity-Riddled Restaurant Opening in LA

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It’s quite the place to see and be seen

Catch LA
Catch LA
Wonho Frank Lee

It’s hardly been a week since Catch opened its LA outpost on Melrose, but crawling through Instagram makes it quite clear that the NYC transplant is undoubtedly the hottest new celebrity destination in LA. With everyone from the Kardashian Klan to supermodels gracing the hip rooftop, the restaurant is either a dream come true for aspiring influencers or your biggest nightmare. Here’s the evidence:

The Jenners have descended

And some of the world's biggest DJs

Nas goes in on a tasty platter of sushi

Eat Good.

A photo posted by Nasir Jones (@nas) on

It's getting a little full in this house

Young Hollywood in full force

Sofia Richie attends the Audi Celebrates The 68th Emmys at Catch LA. #SofiaRichie #Audi #Emmys #StyleandSociety #Event #Party #CatchLA #Style

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Old(er) Hollywood, too

#catchla #wallofcatch #cindycrawford opening night fun

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Jaimie Foxx does Biggie

Videobooth of #catchla with @iamjamiefoxx spitting some biggie lyrics. Gotta be a lip reader to hear it though

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And some Stranger Things

#strangerthings are happening @catch #catchla #aboutlastnight with #Wme #netflix #11 @milliebobby_brown

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8715 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069 (323) 347-6060