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Hundreds in Line for Luke's Diner, South Bay's New Distillery, and More

Plus the history of Casablanca in Venice, and a treatise on the wonders of Fat Sal's

A hand holds a long bun sandwich with fries inside against a yellow background.
A sandwich from Fat Sal's
Fat Sal's
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

The incredible history of Casablanca in Venice

Thrillist takes readers on a journey into the past via Casablanca restaurant, the longstanding Venice legend that first opened in 1980. The Mexican seafood specialist is still rocking hard to day, making their own tortillas and treating everyone like royalty.

The South Bay’s new distillery

Rob Rubens Distilling and Brewing is a brand new distillery and brewery tucked into El Segundo. The place just opened in mid-September, but is already rocking a tasting room (albeit with limited hours to start) and drinks as varied as IPAs and gin, says Food GPS.

Long lines for Luke’s

Massive, massive lines are already in effect for the one-day only Luke’s Diner pop-ups happening around Los Angeles. The faux diner is a pull from the original Gilmore Girls show (and, now, a media stunt by Netflix), and it’s bringing out literally hundreds of fans to wait in line. Take a look at the Studio City location as of 7 a.m.

Why Fat Sal’s matters

Los Angeles Magazine argues that Fat Sal’s is actually a rather fantastic place to eat, assuming you know what you’re getting into. The impassioned argument is that some of the outlandish dishes (the 11-pound Big Fat Fatty sandwich notwithstanding) have a backbone in culinary tradition, including one with roots to an old Russian dish called the salade Olivier.

Barbecue for El Segundo soon

The Johnny Memphis name expands into a strip mall location in El Segundo soon, says Toddrickallen. Located within the realm of the Manhattan Village Shopping Center, the former Mandy’s Cafe space now has a banner hanging overhead showing off the inbound concept.

The mole fries of Boyle Heights

Boyle Heights Beat talks all things Las Molenderas, the family-run restaurant turning out lots of inventive stuff. Their more famous dish is the mole fries, though the two year old restaurant is also known for their handmade tortillas and more traditional mole poblano.

Look into Little Beast

ATOD Magazine grabs some gorgeous shots of the fare at Little Beast in Eagle Rock. The longtime local destination earns rave reviews from the publication, even as newly installed executive chef Jose Perez Alvarado begins to spin the menu in a new, more global direction overall.

The Jolly Oyster hits the road

Noted oyster-shuckers The Jolly Oyster has decided to take to the streets with a new food truck. Though the rig won’t be making daily scheduled stops, expect to find them after this weekend at local events, private catering gigs, and the occasional South Bay brewery.