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New Restaurant Entices Echo Park Soon With a Full Slate of Italian Favorites

More noodles, more pasta, more everything


More news on the Italian food front, as no neighborhood is seemingly immune from the pleasures of pasta and sauce. This time around it’s Echo Park, where the long-delayed restaurant Etti seems just about ready to come to life.

The Eastsider pins down a few crucial details on the place, which is currently finishing up a yearlong construction run along Echo Park Avenue. First, know that this place plans to be seriously Italian, working a menu of "pizza, pasta, contorni, and main courses" plus housemade breads and more. That’s according to this Culinary Agents posting, wherein they were previously seeking a qualified chef de cuisine.

Other than that details are still relatively scarce, though a parked website for the place does note that it arrives in 2017, likely on the winter to spring side of the year. The owner also seems to be one Jason Goldman, and while Eater reached out to speak with him about all things Etti, so far we haven’t heard back.

That said, you can walk by any time and see the 88-seat restaurant is nearing completion. Soon it will compete with the likes of Cosa Buona out on Sunset Boulevard for that all-important casual Italian food dollar in Echo Park, though in the meantime you’ll still be able to get your usual pizza favorites from the recently relocated Pizza Buona not far away.

1509 Echo Park Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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