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Here’s the Opening Menu for Terra Cotta, Koreatown's Striking New Restaurant

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Oysters, filet mignon, uni rice, you name it

Terra Cotta, Koreatown
Wonho Frank Lee

Tonight’s the night for Terra Cotta, Koreatown’s massive new stunner situated just steps from the Wiltern. Meant to be a big, glossy ode to the global world of Los Angeles dining, this serious new contender brings everything from oysters to filet mignon to hot stone uni rice out to play.

If you haven’t yet seen this big-time new spot along Wilshire, you can wander through the dining room right this way. That’s where you’ll find sky-high booths, lots of communal seating, and the kind of Gilded Age marble and metal touches that Los Angeles has largely lost over the years.

Terra Cotta is the work of the Sixth Avenue restaurant team, as in the folks behind Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong. They’re offering something a little more everyman-approachable with their newest restaurant though, with a focus not only on global fusion fare but also cocktails and wine. Hours for Terra Cotta will push to midnight most nights, with an eventual extension to 2 a.m. as well — making it the perfect post-show option for the area.

Terra Cotta opens at 6 p.m. sharp tonight, and runs until midnight. The opening menu is below.

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