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Pacific Seas Redefines Tiki Culture in Downtown This Week

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Here’s the menu, and how to get in

The Pacific Seas Clifton's Wonho Frank Lee

Wash ashore soon at the new Pacific Seas, perhaps the most anticipated cocktail bar to open in Los Angeles this year. The dim den tucked inside Clifton’s in Downtown is one smooth Tiki operator, and plans to officially open to the public this Friday. Beware, though: you probably can’t get in.

Folks have already begun getting glimpses into the red-hued, fire-breathing cavern hidden away through a secret staircase inside the Art Deco Map Room, and frankly the place is rather stunning. Come at the right time, on the right night, and you might even catch a fire-twirling mermaid show — or just enjoy the usual slew of rum-focused Tiki drinks from behind the boat bar.

Clifton’s owner Andrew Meieran reportedly had a close hand in bringing Pacific Seas to life, especially where the menu is concerned, while mugs, murals, and thatched-roof finery were all made specifically for the bar. Drinks run classic, from the Singapore Sling to everyone’s favorite Mai Tai, while pu-pu platters filled with ribs and shrimp cocktails make up a hefty portion of the food menu. You’ll find the full bill of fare below.

The Pacific Seas Clifton's 3

Now, about getting in. Though Pacific Seas technically doesn’t open until Friday, they’ve been doing preview nights for a few evenings in a row now, and that should continue this week. Unfortunately those are severely limited, and to even get in after this week you’ll need a reservation — rumor has it they’re fully loaded for more than a week to come — so better start planning now. Until then, float through this awesome gallery of photos to get your Tiki-loving self in the mood to drink.

Clifton's Republic

648 South Broadway, , CA 90014 (213) 627-1673 Visit Website

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