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Eater Editors Suggest Favorite Spots for Stiff Drinks on Election Night

It’s gonna be a long night

Seven Grand
Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

If you’re in Downtown Los Angeles: Seven Grand

Let's say you're in for a long night of worrying over your phone while refreshing Twitter and texting your friends. Why not be clutching a strong tug of top-shelf whiskey while you do it? That's where Seven Grand can help. The dim wood-wrapped bar is perfect for moodily checking FiveThirtyEight (no matter who you support), and considering the place opens at 4 p.m. tonight you'll have plenty of time to sink into a barstool and ask for something top shelf. After all, it's been a long one, and we deserve it. —Farley Elliott

If you’re in Beverly Hills: Buena Vista Cigar Club

It might end up being a very long evening in Los Angeles, mainly because of the anxiety that our country might elect a demagogue as a president. Truthfully, I've been very wary of this election because of how polarizing it's been for our nation. So for the kind of place where you can sit back and ponder the potential end of all the good times as we know it, I'd suggest a place like Buena Vista Cigar Club in Beverly Hills.

I don't go here for cocktails. I'm not here to try the latest trend in mixed drinks. To me, Buena Vista Cigar Club is the last plebeian bastion in the uber-rich neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Sure, the wide selection of whiskies and cigars aren't cheap. But you don't need to pay for membership here. Anyone can come, relax, watch some sports, chat with friends, hang out on the upstairs mezzanine, and enjoy one of life's pleasures: aged booze with a fine cigar. And if Hillary ends up winning tonight, which I certainly hope she does, for the sake of humanity and all that's good in the world, then that stogie will turn into a victory cigar. —Matthew Kang

Elizabeth Daniels

If you’re in West Hollywood: Gracias Madre

It has been an unfortunate few months watching friendships publicly fall apart over polarizing Facebook posts. What better way to bring people back together than with a stiff drink (or five) to smooth over differences and remind us why America really is great? For me, that drink will always be tequila based, and my night will typically progress from some version of a margarita to mezcal flights at Gracias Madre.

I read a clickbaity-y headline once about how the sugars in agave plans are linked to weight loss and ultimately happiness. That is a statement I will choose to believe, because hey, how can you be mad while sipping agave-based spirits with friends? —Crystal Coser

1212 Works Hard to Become Santa Monica's Prime New Promenade Draw
1212, Santa Monica
Wonho Frank Lee

If you’re in Santa Monica: 1212

Whether you’re hitting the Santa Monica polls late or beelining it to a bar directly from work to catch up on all the coverage, head over to 1212 on The Promenade. For a strong drink, check out the Electric Daisy cocktail, which may not numb your political mind but will numb your mouth and electrify your senses. The drink incorporates a “Szechuan Button,” or in other words, a little flower bud garnished among lavender-infused gin, raspberries, jalapeños and hibiscus-infused agave. Eat the flower and allow it to control your nervous system, as your drink becomes heightened with every sip. You’ll start feeling more at ease with the election in no time. —Keyla Vasconcellos

Seven Grand

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