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Santa Monica’s Bootleg Joan’s on Third Has Probably Thrown in the Towel

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The upstart HB Daisy seems to be all closed up

HB Daisy, Santa Monica

Well, that didn’t last long. Just a couple of months after switching things up at the erstwhile Westside location of Joan’s on Third, newcomer HB Daisy seems to be down for the count. That puts an end to all the lawsuits and back-and-forth between ownership there and the actual Joan’s on Third original location, at least for now.

Try checking in on HB Daisy these days, and all you’ll find is a locked front door and a phone that just rings and rings. Check their social media and you’ll see that since December 12, all you’ll find is the same “closed until further notice” post.

Oops! We seem to have sprung a leak. We will be closed until further notice.

A photo posted by HB Daisy (@honeybeardaisy) on

What’s more, a tipster writes in to say that staff has been completely let go. Eater reached out to confirm that rumor, but so far the HB Daisy team isn’t talking.

So what’s to become of the (now seemingly former) HB Daisy space? Who’s to say. The new O+O Sicilian Kitchen just opened around the corner, and not far away is seafood mega-spot Herringbone, so it seems if anyone really wants to, they’ll still be able to eat well in the area.

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