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The Top Los Angeles Restaurant Standbys of 2016

Friends of Eater, and Eater staff, discuss their regular spots around town

Farley Elliott
Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

Bill Esparza, Food Writer

Cassia, Bestia, Coni'Seafood, Night+Market Song, and Carnitas El Momo. These were my top places to dine and entertain when friends and family came to town, or to meet up with locals.

Oren Peleg, Eater LA Contributor

Over ten years in and I'm still in awe of Wood Spoon downtown. If I'm just looking for something comfortable and consistently good, that's my place. Black Cat in Silver Lake is another reliable standby. Good food, good drinks, lively environment: it's as close to feeling like you're in a friend's living room as a restaurant gets.

Brigham Yen, DTLA Rising

Miro is fantastic.

Esther Tseng, Eater LA Contributor

Pine & Crane, Petit Trois, Baroo, DeSano, HomeState, Dinosaur Coffee

Sarah Gim, The Delicious Life

​Kali​, Here's Looking at You

Lesley Balla, Zagat, Angeleno

I don't really remember eating anywhere twice, but my Instagram feed (@LesleyLA) tells me I was at Wexler's and Grand Central Market, Everson Royce Bar (that burger!), Ricky's Fish Tacos, Tsujita, Rose Cafe-Restaurant and Gjusta a couple times each. Go-tos in Pasadena are Daisy Mint, Roma Market for "the sandwich," Tender Greens, and Matsuri and Sugarfish for sushi.

Jeff Miller, Senior City Editor, Thrillist

I probably ate the most this year — again — at Robata Jinya, which is up the street from my apartment and is delicious. Every time I drove by Baroo and wasn't headed anywhere else, I stopped in, because, uh, it's amazing. And I rediscovered Iroha in the valley this year and had a number of great meals there as well — I think bang-for-your-buck wise it may be my favorite sushi in LA.

Katherine Spiers, LA Weekly Food Editor

Isaan Station, for some of the most interesting Thai food in a city known for Thai food. Tender Greens — best mashed potatoes in the game.

Eddie Lin, Food Writer

Terrine for consistently good service, cocktails and food. Vege Paradise for unparalleled Chinese vegetarian cuisine. Hop Woo in Chinatown when I need a solid hangover cure, exotic plate (from armadillo soup to fried testicles) or an aphrodisiacal meal made by an old school Hong Kong chef. After a day of shopping, I want Slaw Dogs at the Village in Topanga Westfield for over-the-top wieners, especially the TNT Super Dog! Humble Bee is a Valley secret spot that makes a homey breakfast I always crave. China Red's a top notch dim sum palace that doesn't disappoint. I never say no to Tsujita's tsukemen and tonkotsu ramen, however should cut back in 2017 if I want to fit in that swimsuit.

Caroline Pardilla, Eater LA Contributor

Terrine, Here's Looking at You, Little Fatty (at Accomplice), Salt's Cure

Josh Scherer, Food Writer

Sotto, Night + Market, and Coni'Seafood. I can't totally explain why, but these were the three restaurants I found myself going back to over and over and over in 2016. Chicken liver ragu, grilled pork neck, and ceviche marinero probably had something to do with it. Oh, and Lodge Bread Co. Always Lodge Bread Co.

Jim Thurman, Eater LA Contributor

Old Country Cafe, Yunnan Garden, LaoXi Noodle House, Shanxi Noodle House, Shen Yang (San Gabriel)

Katrina Yentch, Eater LA Contributor

Sqirl in Silver Lake, Tsujita, Shojin in Little Tokyo, Sanamluang Cafe in Hollywood, Ramen Champ in Chinatown, Guisados Echo Park, Seabirds Kitchen in Costa Mesa

Nicole Iizuka, POPSUGAR Senior Producer

When I'm craving sushi — Sushi Gen or Sushi Go 55 (which has the added benefit of playing arcade Mario Kart at X Lanes while we wait). When all I need is cheese & charcuterie in my life — Wally's Beverly Hills & Cannibal. When seafood calls my name - Oysters at EMC Seafood & Nikki's secret seasoned lobster rolls from Knuckle & Claw. When I just want someone to feed me delicious breakfast things — avocado toast at Stir Market & eggs Benedict pizza at Faith & Flower. When I've had a bad day and only Asian food will make me happy — Kanpai Ramen & Nguyen's sweet balls in my mouth from Button Mash. And when the sweet tooth craving hits hard — ponchiks from Art's Bakery and pretty much anything Barb makes at B Sweet!

Hadley Tomicki, UrbanDaddy

Coni'Seafood, A-Frame, Matsuhisa, Guelaguetza, Monte Alban, Mariscos Jalisco, Jae Bu Do, Fu Rai Bo

Crystal Coser, Eater LA Associate Editor

Norah, Republique, Din Tai Fung, AOC, In-N-Out, Myung Dong Kyoja

Farley Elliott, Eater LA Senior Editor

Pine & Crane, Mini Kabob, Republique, Dinosaur Coffee, HomeState, Rose Cafe

Matthew Kang, Eater LA Editor

Bar Ama, Ledlow, Sotto, Seongbukdong, Jon & Vinny’s, Tikifish, Lodge Bread Co., Guerrilla Tacos, anything at Smorgasburg, Tacos Leo, Tacos Tamix, B.S. Taqueria, Apple Pan, Sapp Coffee Shop, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, Kobawoo, Hamasaku, Republique, Cassell’s Hamburgers, Jones, and of course, Baroo.

Guerrilla Tacos

2000 East 7th Street, , CA 90021 (213) 375-3300 Visit Website

Faith & Flower

705 W 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015 213-239-0642


8935 Santa Monica Blvd, , CA 90069 (310) 777-0310 Visit Website

Ramen Champ

727 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 316-8595

Old Country Cafe

2 E Valley Blvd #1E, Alhambra, CA 91801 (626) 284-4610


1314 7th Street, , CA 90401 (310) 393-6699 Visit Website


129 North La Cienega Boulevard, , CA 90211 (310) 659-9639 Visit Website


624 South La Brea Avenue, , CA 90036 (310) 362-6115 Visit Website

Dinosaur Coffee

4334 Sunset Boulevard, , CA 90029 Visit Website

Stir Market

7475 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 879-8283 Visit Website

Wally's Beverly Hills

447 North Canon Drive, , CA 90210 (310) 475-3540 Visit Website


8265 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048


400 South Main Street, , CA 90013 (213) 687-7015 Visit Website

Lodge Bread Co

11918 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 (424) 384-5097 Visit Website

Robata JINYA

8050 West 3rd Street, , CA 90048 (323) 653-8877 Visit Website


12565 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90066

B.S. Taqueria

514 7th Street, , CA 90014 (213) 622-3744 Visit Website

The Village

12345 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604 818 752 9222 Visit Website

Bar Ama

118 W 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 687-8002

Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046 323-850-7258

Mariscos Jalisco

3040 East Olympic Boulevard, , CA 90023 (323) 528-6701 Visit Website


8700 West 3rd Street, , CA 90048 (310) 859-9859 Visit Website

Sapp Coffee Shop

5183 Hollywood Boulevard, , CA 90027 (323) 665-1035 Visit Website


2121 East 7th Place, , CA 90021 (213) 514-5724 Visit Website


9575 Pico Boulevard, , CA 90035 (310) 277-0210 Visit Website


11043 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90025 (310) 479-7636 Visit Website

Here's Looking At You

3901 West 6th Street, , CA 90020 (213) 568-3289 Visit Website

Night + Market

9043 Sunset Boulevard, , CA 90069 (310) 275-9724 Visit Website


13424 Ventura Boulevard, , CA 91423 (818) 658-3643 Visit Website

Button Mash

1391 Sunset Boulevard, , CA 90026 (213) 250-9903 Visit Website


905 East 2nd Street, , CA 90012 (213) 221-7967