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Beverly Hills Beignet Shutters Amidst Ugly Partner Dispute

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Beverly Hills Beignet

It’s a sad day for sugar aficionados, as restaurateur Dion Antic announced the shutter of Beverly Hills Beignet just six months after opening. The pastry shop was one of the few places to score New Orlean’s favorite powdered sugar-coated fried dough treats in town — and exceptional ones at that — with recipes developed by consulting pastry chef Lincoln Carson.

Apparently the final days of the Gold Triangle sweets spot turned ugly, with a nasty he said, she said bout between partners Antic and Maggie Finneran. Carson for his part clarified that he had only consulted on the project, and was not involved in the dispute. Undeterred, Antic explained that the days of Beverly Hills Beignet are done for good, but that he will soon be inputting a new concept in the same space in early 2017.

Beverly Hills Beignets

9527 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 278-8164