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C&M Cafe Shutters in Sherman Oaks After Just Six Months

The all-day option still retains their newer Palms location

C & M Cafe in Palms
Matthew Kang

Here’s some surprising Valley news: C&M Cafe seems to have shuttered along Riverside drive in Sherman Oaks without so much as a peep beforehand. Indeed, an email in to the restaurant confirms that their Palms location is the only one operating at the moment.

It’s a surprising turn of events, given C&M’s big summer spent moving locations to their new outlet in Palms and opening up in the Valley. The whole initial impetus for the relocation within Palms by owner Kalissa Krejcik was because the original had been doing so well, but now Krejcik says via email that she and her team are “focusing on our new Palms location” after selling off their lease.

Luckily, that sunny Palms destination continues to drive traffic as an all-day option for the neighborhood. It’s been a key part of Palms’ recent come-up, and should continue to draw a busy local weekend crowd.

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