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Pau Gasol Spotted at n/naka, Pasadena's Minimum Wage Moment, and More

Plus new bartenders at The Corner Door, the city's best sommeliers, and a big move for Spitz.

The Arthur J, Manhattan Beach
The Arthur J, Manhattan Beach
Stan Lee
Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA and the author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. He covers restaurants in every form, from breaking news to the culture, people, and history that surrounds LA's dining landscape.

Chris Amirault lands at The Corner Door

Amiable bartender Chris Amirault has been around for a while now, helping to open Harlowe before moving onto Clifton's Cafeteria. Now he's at The Corner Door in Culver City — long an under the radar cocktail den — and he spoke with LA Mag about his move, his favorite new drink, and what's to come in the world of bartending.

Pasadena votes on minimum wage tonight

Much like we've seen in Long Beach and Santa Monica, outlying cities are starting to take Los Angeles's lead on the minimum wage debate. Pasadena is themselves tackling the issue head-on, with a planned city council vote tonight on whether or not to make the incremental jump to $15 an hour. What that might mean for tipped employees (and tipping in general) has been the focus of much debate county-wide.

The city's best somms talk wine

The Guild of Sommeliers has put a spotlight on Los Angeles, chatting with the likes of Helen Johannesen from the Animal universe, Tayler Parsons from Republique, and Matthew Kaner of Augustine Wine Bar, among others. It's a really cool look at wine in L.A., and the still-growing bottle market as a whole.

Pau Gasol dines at n/naka

Longtime former Laker Pau Gasol was in town a few days ago, and managed to put in a meal at Japanese super-spot n/naka. Here he is towering over everyone in the place.

Pau Gasol in the house! #nikinakayama #carolelida

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The NY Times complaints department

Recently the New York Times took to offering advice to chefs and restaurateurs about the most effective ways to handle negative online comments. It's something the industry deals with (and struggles over) constantly, but the important thing, says the Times, is to be professional, smart, earnest, and open. You can always scream into your pillow at night to let the rage out — just don't do it online.

Spitz brings the döner kebab to San Diego

L.A. neo-Middle Eastern food spot Spitz enjoys a healthy number of locations across the city, but apparently they haven't been content to just stay put. Instead they're packing up and moving into San Diego too, says Eater SD, with a fully redone palace of fun, food, and beer.

The Arthur J extends their own dineLA deal

Though the deals may be over citywide, The Arthur J in Manhattan Beach is keeping their cheap eats party going through this week, with plans to run the same menu (at the same price) until Saturday. Get some grub in before that deal runs out.