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Smog City Heads for Long Beach With New Shipping Container Taproom

Things are getting mighty hip in Long Beach.

Smog City, Torrance
Smog City, Torrance
Smog City

South Bay craft beer stalwart Smog City Brewing is opening up a satellite tasting room in Long Beach, inside a repurposed shipping container commercial village to be known as SteelCraft.

The project will ultimately encompass four 40-foot containers and another half-dozen smaller ones, says the LA Times, with four restaurants, a coffee shop, and the Smog City tasting room. Seabirds Kitchen, a vegan restaurant from Orange County, will occupy one restaurant space, with Working Class Kitchen taking over another to serve charcuterie and wine.

For Smog City, co-owner Laurie Porter says that not only was Long Beach a good fit for what the brewery wanted, the idea to partner up seamlessly with other restaurants — and at a fraction of the cost than a traditional buildout — was too enticing to pass up. Plus there's a recycled angle to the whole project that proved enticing, especially considering Smog City's current on-site taproom is made almost exclusively from repurposed materials.

The entire SteelCraft facility, including Smog City and the restaurants in question, are hoping to be up and running by May. Once complete, Smog City will host some 24 taps of their own brew, with one potentially being reserved as a special location-only option just for SteelCraft. There will also be available growler fills, merchandise sales, and the like.

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