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B Sweet Launches LA's First Canned Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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Finally, a non-alcoholic alternative to coffee stout.

B Sweet has launched LA's first ever canned nitro cold brew coffee: roasted, brewed, and canned right in the heart of the City of Angels.

Coffee connoisseurs and caffeine addicts have already made nitro coffee — cold brew that has been infused with nitrogen to create a smooth, foamy texture similar to a perfectly poured Guinness — a part of their lifestyles. But until now, convenient nitro coffee in a can only came from non-local roasters like Portland's Stumptown and Austin's Cuvée.

Sawtelle's B Sweet Dessert Bar has been specializing in coffee for some time now, first serving $2 hot brews in its bespoke pink cups before incorporating nitro cold brews and nitro matcha on tap. B Sweet's kegs have been so popular that even the LA Clippers have their own kegerators filled with both the coffee and green tea, with Chris Paul and J.J. Redick supposedly being dedicated fans.

After months of tinkering, B Sweet's nitro cans are now available for purchase within its store. Cans simply need to be shaken and poured hard into a glass to achieve kegged nitro coffee's signature cascading effect. Cans are sold individually for $4.50, or as a four-pack for $16. Green tea lovers can get excited for nitro matcha cans, which should also hit the shelves soon.

B Sweet Dessert Bar

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