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St. Urbain Street Gets Out of the Beverly Hills Bagel Business After Two Decades

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They're survived by another location along Olympic.

St. Urbain, Beverly Hills
St. Urbain, Beverly Hills

Uh oh. More than two decades into its run as a Beverly Hills bagel institution, it looks as though St. Urbain Street Bagels has shuttered its Beverly Drive location. Not to worry, though; you can still get your fix at the company’s Olympic Boulevard address.

Toddrickallen uncovered the shutter just the other day, though the apparent last day of business was back at the end of January. All that's left is a handwritten sign taped to the front door that reads:

Thank you for your support for 21 years. Our last day will be Sunday, January 31st. Hope to see you at our other location!! 10840 West Olympic Blvd.

Otherwise the place is papered over, with no indication of what’s to come.

Saint Urban Street Bagels

10840 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (310) 474-6064

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