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Dine Like Harry Potter at the Hog's Head Pub Inside Universal Studios Hollywood

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Here's the full menu — and yes there will be Butterbeer.

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Hogsmeade Village, Universal Studios
Hogsmeade Village, Universal Studios
Universal Studios Hollywood
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Come April 7, guests will be able to traipse through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, transporting themselves to Hogwarts and the surrounding Hogsmeade Village. Faux-rustic buildings and quaint shops are certain to fit the bill with fans of the book, but it's the meals at Hog's Head Pub and Three Broomsticks that everyone's sure to be most excited about.

Below is an entire menu of what's to come at Three Broomsticks, the core dining space found inside the Wizarding World park area. Leaning on heavy British pub fare, guests should expect everything from shepherd's pie to fish & chips, with an ongoing prime rib 'Sunday roast' as well. What's more: the park will actually be open for lunch, serving both English and American-style breakfasts from inside Three Broomsticks as well.

Hog's Head Pub is adjacent to the dining area, but carries slightly more of an over-21 feel. Guests needing just a sip to take the edge off can grab a small variety of mixed drinks as well as the usual slew of big name beers. There are also three brews made specifically for the park: a Hog's Head Brew red ale, a Dragon's Scale lager, and a Wizard's Brew porter.

Perhaps most importantly, both Three Broomsticks and Hog's Head Pub will be serving Butterbeer, the beloved drink from the book that (surprise, surprise) is actually non-alcoholic, and tastes more like a butterscotch float than anything else.

Though prices aren't listed on the above bill of fare, don't worry — nothing is too spendy here. Most main entrees clock in at or around $15, with a more inexpensive children's menu available as well.

By the time the doors open on April 7, Universal Studios should have a Honeydukes in place as well. That's the famous sweets shop from within the Harry Potter universe, which will supply everything from simple chocolates to curiosities like Every Flavor Beans and Toothflossing Stringmints.

When it opens in April, expect The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to gather up some massive crowds of teens and adults alike, both of whom have connected with the film and literature series for well decades now. Now they'll be able to eat their way through the books as well.

Universal Studios Hollywood

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